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珍妮Kygar Eblen, 是谁用她无穷的精力激励了一代又一代的记者, appreciation for quality journalism and decades of volunteering for key projects across 菅直人sas and Oklahoma, 11月去世了. 2021年11月,堪萨斯州劳伦斯. 她是77年.
She died unexpectedly after battling a form of lymphoma for almost 18 months. 大家都叫珍妮·艾布伦, 她深受学生和新闻界名人的喜爱, 即使是那些她可能会礼貌而雄辩地辩论. She was respected as a skilled writer and editor at metro and community dailies, 一个全国性的杂志, 堪萨斯大学和许多非营利组织.

Jeannie Eblen’s vitality and wit became legendary among hundreds of journalism students and colleagues of her husband of 51 years, 堪萨斯大学教授Tom Eblen. She organized (and did much of the cooking) for barbecue suppers at their Lawrence home every semester. 在她的生活, 她仍然是高质量的啦啦队长, 从最大的报纸到最小的报纸都有高影响力的新闻报道, 也是走上这条道路的年轻记者的导师.
As Sharon Kessinger of the Marysville Advocate said, “菅直人sas will feel this loss to the bones.”“这是真的, 我已经开始想她了,艾米丽·布拉德伯里说, 堪萨斯新闻协会的执行理事. “I have had the pleasure of working with Jeannie, in one capacity or another, for the past 20 years. 她是金博宝的捍卫者和朋友. We often talked as we shared a common 历史 in southeast 菅直人sas and a deep love for all 菅直人sas news publications. One cannot quantify Jeannie's contributions to our industry and our association.”
她于1944年7月29日出生在堪萨斯州的艾奇逊., 化学工程师沃恩·温泽尔·凯格和特朗普·(利特尔)·凯格, 银行簿记员和经理. 她在堪萨斯州肖陶夸县(Chautauqua County)自家的农场长大., where she attended the one-room Hewins School before its closure when she and her only other classmate were in 8th grade. She moved to Cedar Vale High School where she graduated as valedictorian in 1962.
She was a 1963 菅直人sas delegate to the National 4-H Conference in Washington, D.C.结束了11年的堪萨斯4-H会员身份. 在那次会议上,她被选为代表.5 million 4-H youth at the dedication of the statue of “4-H Girl” in Danforth’s Courtyard in Chevy Chase, 马里兰.
此后,俄克拉荷马州立大学获得了许多大学荣誉, 包括《金博宝》的联合编辑, 俄亥俄州立大学大学综艺节目的主席, president of Theta Sigma Phi (now Association for Women in Communications), Kappaτα, 迫击炮委员会和美国大学的名人录. 她是俄勒冈州立大学Kappa Kappa Gamma的Delta Sigma分会的成员.
Shortly after graduating in 1966 from OSU with a Bachelor of Science in News-Editorial Journalism and home economics, 她搬到了堪萨斯城,成为了《金博宝官网》的记者. 从1966年到1976年,她一直在《金博宝官网》工作, 在家政学写作方面赢得了无数赞誉, including the national Dorothy Dawe Award for home furnishings writing in 1972. 她是《金博宝》的堪萨斯城现场编辑 & 1976年至1980年出版的《金博宝》杂志.

She married fellow Star journalist Tom Eblen on June 5, 1966, in Cedar Vale, 菅直人. They made their home in 菅直人sas City, where Tom later became the Star’s managing editor. The Eblens had a daughter and son, and later moved in 1980 to Fort Scott, 菅直人.在那里,汤姆是《金博宝》的总经理. In Fort Scott, Jeannie Eblen immersed herself in freelance writing and community engagement. She worked as a public information officer for Fort Scott Community College’s rodeo team, was active with Fort Scott’s Historic Preservation Association 首页s for the Holidays tours, 也是迪尔公司的执行秘书, Banwart, 博尔顿, 很大的兴趣 & 斯科特堡的布莱索会计师事务所.
艾布伦一家于1990年搬到劳伦斯, where Tom was general manager of the University Daily 菅直人san and editorial professor for the KU’s William Allen White School of Journalism. 跟汤姆搬到劳伦斯后, 珍妮是《金博宝官网》的编辑, 《金博宝》和保拉市的迈阿密共和国, 菅直人. She copyedited multiple publications and projects through the 堪萨斯新闻协会 and helped maintain the KPA’s library of more than 200 daily, 每周, 有针对性和另类的堪萨斯出版物. She was an active member of the William Allen White Community Foundation Board, promoting the 历史 of journalism and the Red Rocks home preservation in Emporia, 菅直人.
At the University of 菅直人sas, she worked as a secretary with KU’s Design & Construction Management and was appointed as hometown news specialist at KU’s University Relations, coordinating with multiple media contacts throughout the state of 菅直人sas. She was a graduate of the Citizen’s Academy of the Lawrence Police Department in 1999, an advisory board member of KU’s Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter and was a longtime election worker the Douglas County election office.
After Tom retired from his KU professorship in 2001 to become a consultant for the 堪萨斯新闻协会, Jeannie accompanied him on numerous trips to newspapers throughout the state. 
“她对堪萨斯的了解总是让我印象深刻,安·布里尔说, 堪萨斯大学新闻学院院长. 当她见到学生时,她会问他们来自哪里. If they replied that she likely didn’t know about their small town, she would press them for details. The students’ faces would light up when she not only knew the town but shared something about it. And if the town happened to host a rodeo, well, the conversation went on for a long time!”
2016年6月,艾伯伦夫妇庆祝了他们的50周年纪念日. 汤姆于2017年6月10日先于她去世.
近年来, Jeannie Eblen became active with KU’s Alumni Endacott Society retirees’ group and enjoyed commiserating with fellow Lawrence gardeners. She had a prolific garden and generously shared her annual bounty of heirloom tomatoes and peppers. She loved traveling throughout 菅直人sas and Oklahoma to visit friends, family and area museums. She had just returned from an enjoyable trip to visit friends in Sedan, 菅直人. 巴特尔斯维尔,俄克拉荷马州. 在她死前不久.
最近的大流行阻碍了许多预定的旅行, 包括期待已久的2020年雪松谷高中重聚. 在最近更新到CVHS同学, 艾伯伦写道:“博物馆和表演艺术是我喜欢的东西, 历史, 地质, 自驾游, 所有主题的阅读, 专业和校际竞技表演, 周六夜现场, 各种各样的音乐, 烘焙, 园艺, 缝纫和建筑材料, 再加上太多的利益带来的痛苦, 时间太少了. 一直以来,我都希望我能做得更多. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d been privileged to get to know and learn from such amazing people from all walks of life. 我现在的主要目标是写更短的句子, 与朋友和家人保持金博宝, 保持健康,活到把地下室打扫干净.”
Survivors include her son, Matt Eblen and his wife Liz, of Roeland Park, 菅直人.; daughter Courtney McCain her husband Ken, 以及孙女梅根和玛丽·麦凯恩, 欧弗兰公园的所有地方, 菅直人.; brother Clyde Kygar and his wife Shirley, of Tulsa, Okla.
而不是鲜花, Jeannie’s family suggests memorial donations to the 菅直人sas Newspaper Foundation (c/o 堪萨斯新闻协会, 第10街西南4021号, #351,托皮卡,KS 66604, 或堪萨斯大学捐赠协会, 汤姆·艾伯伦的红笔奖学金, P.O. 劳伦斯928箱,KS 66044-0928.